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My name is Tino Agnitti, I graduated in 1999 with a BS degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in the field of Management Information Systems and have been managing technical projects ever since.  Back in May 2008 I was asked to be a part of a Career Day presentation.  In an effort to inspire the kids I had come across Johnny Lee's video on the wiimote whiteboard and immediately knew this was going to be the highlight of the presentation. 

Our Gen1 pen used the following specifications (Currently retired and replaced with our Sabre Infrared Pen):

  • A used Whiteboard or highlighter
  • IR LED Vishay 6400
  • A 5mm surface mount momentary tact switch
  • AAA Battery
  • A AAA" battery holder

  • Where does my money go?

    • Our biggest accomplishment of 2009 has been 2 revisions of The Groove and the completion of The Spot (a custom wiimote mounting device).  Both of our products have allowed us to really push the envelope and boundaries for a low cost interactive whiteboard.  We feel our patent pending technology will allow much easier and more intuitive access to the wiimote whiteboard.


    • Orders are now shipping for our latest custom created product, the Sabre Infrared Pen.

    Projects in the works (R & D, and where most of the proceeds of IRPensOnline are allocated):



    • Rear project film feasiblity analysis (3M Vikuiti product).  This film works great for rear projection, unfortunately IR light does not pass through.  We're looking for other materials that will make a better rear projection film.(complete)
    • "The Spot".  This product will be coming soon.  We're creating a molded attachment so that users can mount their wiimotes on a standard tripod.  Just screw "The Spot" onto the tripod and clip in your wiimote.  This will also work with mini tripods. (complete)
    • Improved portable display surfaces
    • Enhanced targetting system
    • Improvements and R&D for our next pen

    My hope is to combine elements to create a multi-point, multi-person interactive display.  Your support goes towards allowing us to build out the hardware for our next generation products and services to work with your wiiwhiteboard implementation.

    For those interested in a class project we also offer kits with all of the materials.  Please contact for more information.

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