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Funeral Flowers

As a rule, when a person passes away people send funeral flowers to the funeral home. In this way they demonstrate their worrings and love for the family. This tradition has existed for a long period of time, nevertheless, today, most of flowers are taken to the cemetery. Besides, today flowers are extremely expensive, so many people decide to choose some other funeral gift. Undoubtedly, it's always pleasant to receive flowers, but other gifts may turn out to be even better, besides, flowers fade away quickly and are then thrown away. Fursther, undercover tourist there're different funeral gift ideas that will be liked by the family, look Undercover Tourist.

Donation to a charity

Sometimes a family may ask for a charity donation instead of giving flowers. The charity donation can positively influence the people's lives. You'll need to specify what organization to gove donation to, or it will be done by the family. You may also choose to give to a charity connected with the dead person's illness, for instance, to a heart and stroke fund or diabetes foundation. If the perished was an animal lover you can give an animal related charity. The larger organizations you may donate to are CARE or the Red Cross. Usually, those places that have received a cherity from you will send a card to the family informing of your donation.

Trust fund for Kids

If the perished person has younger children think about offering a little trust fund for children. Your money can help the children to study at a college, for instance.also if the chidren have little money, you may help buying them such things as diapers for babies, clothing etc. before buying anything, find out what they really need and will appreciate.

Photographs or video footage

If you were really close friends with the perished person you may have some pictures or the video with him. You can make copies and share them with the family that will be very pleasant and comforting to them although you may see tears in their eyes.


It has become rather popular today to give or to send a live plant. Unlike flowers live plants will live much longer making their new owners happy smelling their pleasant aromas. Consider such potted plants as ivy that can be grown at home. Many other plants can be located in the ground in the garden and live for years.


Some families prefer receiving gift baskets of food which are usually given before or after the funeral. Undoubtedly, gift basket of fruit will make happy anyone. One can also make the family some comfort food including hot soup or fresh home baked cookies. Or you may just come and cook for the family in their home but before leran whether they have any dietary restrictions.

As you can see, there's a great variety of other funeral gifts except for flowers. Many of them are much more needed and practical for the family.