The Magical Power Of Leveraging!

Financial independence usually means "sufficient income to work when you want to work." And let's face it - achieving that ain't easy!!! Very few arrive. While Todd and others in this nutritional business have already reached this elusive goal, the rest of us need all the help we can get.

To complement this simple, turn-key system, with extensive followup service which provides the information our prospects need, add the power of leveraging.

Leveraging is the only way for the ticking of the clock to work to our advantage. And only companies which offer networking marketing commission programs, or MLM companies as they are known, provide this power. Perhaps you are already aware that commissions based on "network marketing" are increasingly popular for propagating corporate growth too, including even Fortune 500 companies like Coke, Sprint, and Mary Kay Cosmetics. It is the wave of the future in American business.

Add? Or multiply? The difference is leverage.

If you go in to work at your job today and earn $50, and go in again tomorrow to earn another $50, you are adding to your income day by day. This is called earning "linear income." It's the way the average person makes a living. On the other hand, network marketing companies use a compensation plan designed to pay you a little bit of every sales dollar generated by customers you've introduced to company products. Everyone your ads attract to the company, its products and its independently of you but shares your same objective. Your collective group becomes a team which multiplies your efforts through synergism for much greater profitability. This is called earning "leveraged income."

Your goal is to build a team as rapidly as possible, because the more team members you have, the more you earn. And as each of your team members duplicates your work, the more they earn. But this is not one of those programs where you need a zillion team members to make money! You simply build a team by creating a flow of traffic to your site using techniques from the FastStart Money Machine! You are able to rapidly duplicate your work because each of your new team members uses the exact same traffic-generating techniques to build their team! And since the pool of our prospects literally extends to millions of people all over the globe who need our products (and extra cash), even the "average guy or gal" can leverage their time and effort by using this system!

As your team gets bigger, your income grows. Leveraged income is the explanation for the extraordinary income of six- and seven-figure earnings after only a short time. Here are those entrepreneurs who are in the right place at the right time, using income leveraging! This is the duplicatible, self-perpetuating powerhouse you need for exploding income potential!

Billionaire Donald Trump was once asked on a talk show what he would do if he lost it all. Without hesitation, he replied that he would find a good network marketing company and earn it right back! He understands this important leveraging principle for generating income and wealth.

But he is not alone, and leveraging does not just apply to time, efforts, and money. It's the same secret your banker knows about compounded interest. The reason banks can build marble buildings everywhere is not because of charging a small transaction fee for services, but because of compounding interest to leverage funds. Compounded interest is to banks...what leveraging time and effort to generate income is to network marketing.

Income multiplies as your team grows!

To maximize your leveraging in building an online business, I have selected several of the top networking companies in the industry. This means the combined work of all of us together blends to maximize our efforts. We are building our own businesses individually, yet we employ greater strength collectively for faster growth. The companies I target are financially sound. They are recognized in the industry for their longevity in operating at least 10 years or more. They are ethical, credible and efficient. They are the pick of the crop! And because you have the option to participate with several companies with the FastStart Money Machine, you can create multiple income streams.

And each of the companies I've selected operate globally, registered to ship product through Customs to your customers almost all over the world. Some of the countries include Canada, Taiwan, Japan, S.Korea, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Russia! The international community is extremely interested in all-natural health products; 10-15% of email inquiries from my advertising originates outside the U.S. It's your assurance that every step you take goes as far as possible in the growth of your business to leverage your income!